Reliable and Efficient Cab Service. Cab arrangements made available at short notice period. Very punctual and safe drive I had from Junagadh to Ahmedabad during night time. I highly recommend One Sided Cabs.
5 / 5
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Roundtrip Cabs

OneSided roundtrip car rental service it's affordable and easy to hire a cab from one city to another and back to your home town. Our drivers are experts to travel safely and that will make travel smooth. Inexpensive magnificence ride we had.

Expert Chauffeurs
Safety Certified
Multiple Stops

Oneway Drops

We have a network over all across india routes where you can book any outstation major city cab with us. Book for OneSide we charged you only a record low fare. If you require service like any other city we are always available.

15 Lakh Routes
Lowest Fares
All Inclusive Prices

Local Rentals

Book Onesided cabs at our flexible hourly rental cabs service and get chauffeured within the city for your business meetings or shopping chores. Local packages are available for 4 hours, 8 hours or 12 hours, based on your needs. Explore any city like a local.

Flexible Packages
Cab At Your Disposal
Multiple Stops

Airport Transfers

We offer Airport transfer service across all airports within india. Our service offers pickup and drops as fast as possible because we know and we are concerned about your flight timing and its priority on service.

Reliability Guaranteed
Lowest Fares
Courteous Chauffeurs

Best All Over India Intercity and Local Cab Services

We are Onesided Car Rentals, Book our flexible rental cabs and get chauffeured within the city for your business meetings or outstation visit. We care about your flight as much as you do. Our airport transfer services across airports in the country offer pickups and drops with complete reliability.

Discover All India, one road trip at a time

All city is too big or too small. We know travellers and wanderers like us are everywhere. You live near Khajuraho, you live near Aleppey, and you live near Alibag and near Tranquebar. We want you to visit them all. Pack your bags every weekend and explore everything there is to see around you.

We planning your vacation easier, you can book a cab with ease on our website, or call us on 9574997997 if you'd like to discuss your itinerary with our executives in detail. When you book an outstation cab with us, we'll send you a travel kit and help you plan your itinerary. Will further reduce the hassles of booking a trip with us. Our expert drivers will guide you through some of the best experiences India has to offer. From the time you make a booking with us, to the time you get back home, we'll make sure you have a great road trip.

Using OnesidedCab, a road trip is one of the most exhilarating ways to travel the length and breadth of India. There's always something to look at, something to explore and to experience. Because we love travelling by road so much, we've been striving to make sure you have a great experience too. We wanted more of you to go on a road trip, and more of you to experience the same joys of travel that we do. Instead of driving, why not sit back and take our chauffeur driven cabs on your next vacation? We believe that the time you spend on your vacation should be entirely yours. So now, we are in 2000+ cities across India - to help you travel to wherever your heart desires.

We are so excited that you're free to stop to breathe in clean air, learn about cultures and taste local food when you travel by cabs. We love that these wholesome experiences make travelling better and enrich our lives. We live for the surprises we find on road trips.

Time and Place is not concern where you travel - we've got a cab for you

Planning a weekend getaway? Our outstation cab services will help you explore the best destinations, visit all the must-see places and taste the best local food. Did you just land at an airport or railway station closest to your destination? No problem! You can use our airport taxi, the transit pick up service to cover the last mile. We'll get you to your destination and show you some of the best sights along the way. Planning on traveling home for a family get-together? Try our newly introduced one-way cab services - no matter where you live, get dropped to your hometown by paying only one-side fare. Decided to take a personal day and spend the whole day exploring your city? Our local taxi packages will help you explore the best places to eat and drink at, some of the city's majestic monuments, greenest parks and oldest temples. You'll never have to worry about an empty travel itinerary again. Are you an offbeat traveller? Do you just hit the road and decide to take it from there? We offer one-way drops on several routes, in case you only want to be dropped to a destination and don't want to look back.

OnesidedCab is best when we say: Travel with OnesidedCab.